Safe and Encrypt Your Own Facebook Expertise

Facebook is launching tools that this week (1-26-11), to help keep customers’ Facebook accounts protected. This means when you visit you are going to start your session using encryption in order to enter your username and password, anybody around attempting to sniff or utilize the dreaded Firesheep program to attempt and take over your account will probably be ineffective.

If Facebook finds that you’re logging in from a state, Oklahoma in the morning and evening, they detect that a login in Australia, they’ve you re-authenticate yourself on the place. Rather than replying security issue’, rather they will generate an image and have you identify somebody within it.


The majority of us know now with all the alarms to search for when we are banking – the small lock symbol down at the lower right side of the browser and the website will have a green bar to denote a secure link.

Currently, Facebook will offer the exact same level of safety.

Using https isn’t automatic, you ought to visit account Settings’ then click ‘Account Security’. After that, you are going to be using Facebook completely encrypted. I would also check the’send me an email’ box every time a new pc logs to your account – that is a wise thing to do also.

Besides choosing these choices, you might even have a look at the latest action in your account. Another amount of advice they are giving you.


* Facebook cautions that encrypted web pages generally take longer to load, but likely not significantly

* Most of those third-party programs on Facebook cannot handle the encryption, so they may not function i.e. matches

My proposal is to leave it off until you are likely to visit a public location. Just make sure you turn it on until you depart your secured home link!

This one is fairly cool. They will show you a few images of your buddies and you’re going to identify them. In one of those screenshots I saw, it was not one of your buddy’s profile images, it was really a picture you’d posted on your website with you and this buddy in it. Kind of cool, but sort of creepy also they can pull up that so fast.

It is a fantastic idea since a hacker might have forced your password, however, they won’t understand your friend’s names. Obviously, if a partner or former boyfriend/girlfriend has obtained your password, then they simply might know who’s at the picture!

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