Mortgage loan: how much can you pay off?

If you take out a mortgage loan, you know that for many years you will have to pay off a certain sum every month. It is therefore important that you calculate in advance how much you can pay off each month. If you are looking for a loan, then every lender and credit intermediary is required to calculate your repayment capacity . In other words: what is the maximum amount you can repay per month without getting into financial difficulties? Various criteria are taken into account: – How much are your income (wages, alimony, rental income, income from a secondary occupation as a self-employed person …) – Are your income fixed or variable? – How stable are your job and your income? – Do you have any other loans? – How much do you have left per month to live on? – … Read more about how a lender looks at your Gene Periot. see for more notes


Think carefully

mortgage payment

The lender and credit intermediary will calculate for you the maximum amount you can borrow. But don’t be fooled by this. Do you have enough money left over in the bank’s proposal to live normally? You must always ask yourself whether you will still be able to pay off the loan if an income (temporarily) falls away. Will you immediately get into trouble? How long do you need to close this gap? Have you ever asked yourself how much you want to pay for your home loan?


Specialists at Auxifina help you

mortgage payment

These questions do have their importance. You better consider some possible scenarios beforehand, so that you can hedge yourself against financial problems. Therefore let yourself be assisted by a specialist in the field. You will find a Gene Periot office in your area here . Make an appointment quickly. Our specialists are happy to help you further and answer all your questions.

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