Locked Yourself Out? Here’s What You Need to Do

Getting locked out is a pretty scary thing especially if you’ve recently moved to a foreign state or you’ve just moved to a new place. But not to fret, there are always many solutions to one problem.

You may have figured out to call your roommate or family members who live with you to open the door for you, but this doesn’t usually work if you live alone. Calling your landlord might help as well. However, if you live alone, that’s a different kind of story. If you’re not one to call a locksmith as the first option, you can start by scaling around your house or building at ground level for any windows that you forgot to lock. Do remember if you find an unlocked window is to spot for any items that may disrupt your balance as you try to squeeze yourself into your own home. Other than that, you may also want to search around to check if you’ve placed a spare key somewhere under the mat, in the flower pot, or on a window ledge. If you don’t own a spare key yet, it’s time to get yourself one.

Using a card that you won’t mind getting possibly destroyed is also worth a short. There are many tutorials on how to attempt in prying open the door with a slim plastic card and it most often goes by inserting the card in between the door and its frame pointed a the latch. Then, you’ll need to hold on to the card perpendicularly and begin pushing and wiggling it in between the doors.

But if all else fails, there’s no harm in calling a professional locksmith to get the job done. If you’re questioning on how to get keys near me, a keysmith is not hard to find these days and you can easily do so with a phone call away.