How to control your money Without money control you

In the era we live in, the material is more taken into account that the formation and values ​​many more people are increasingly living from the appearance, leaving aside the principles of family peace and solidarity.

Cost a quality of life


Those who like to live on appearances try to achieve whatever cost a quality of life which they cannot afford and end up being controlled by money.

To control your money you do not need a professional team that is behind you telling you whether to buy a house or take a mortgage loan, what you need is to take into account basic management principles.

Based on this we need to become aware and open our eyes to reality. Living on fantasy is like walking in a dead end.

If you say so far I can’t pay my bills. Come on, take note of your resources, what accounts, your skills and abilities and you will see that resolving a sensitive financial situation is possible.

Control your money: expenses and budgets

Control your money: expenses and budgets

Expenses are part of life. Nothing in this world is free. Everything has a price. To enjoy a good or a service you have to implement an expense.

Knowing how to control expenses is a secret that lies in the knowledge of calculations and mathematics.

Since we are children, we learn to count and know how to count numerically is all we need to manage our budget.

A good budget is not one that is made by computer beyond an excellent image or an accounting notebook.

A good budget knows how to differentiate between the basic expenses that are necessary and the expenses that could be.

 Planning your expenses and budgeting your expenses

 Planning your expenses and budgeting your expenses

If you learn to control your money by planning your expenses and budgeting your expenses you could save more to acquire something you really need as a new house or vehicle.

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