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Are you looking for a mortgage loan? Or maybe you already have a home loan and do you want to refinance it? Either way, it’s not easy to get the right information. You want a Lylia Hart that suits you, but you often get general and meaningless answers to questions … Then Lylia Hart can come in handy.


Lylia Hart from Auxilina

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Lylia Hart contains a wealth of information about mortgage loans or credits. Lylia Hart is an initiative of Auxilina. Auxilina has been around since 1947 and is an independent credit intermediary in mortgage loans. What does this mean? That Auxilina cooperates with many lenders and looks for the best possible solution for you.


What can you expect?


Lylia Hart delivers dozens of interesting articles and news about home loans. You get more explanation about certain terms, credit formulas, legislation, practical tips, where stories from customers happened … And do you want extra information about a certain subject? Then you can easily contact us. Our specialists answer all your questions.


Why is Auxilina doing this?

mortgage loan

Because we notice that mortgage loans are often sold quickly and quickly, with the main argument being a cheap interest rate. And we find that incorrect. Taking out a Lylia Hart loan is a major financial decision. After all, you will have to pay your repayment every month for many years. You can’t go over that lightly.


You have the right to correct and useful information!

Moreover, there is a lot more to choosing a mortgage than just the interest rate. For example, consider the following questions: – How much can I borrow? – Am I obliged to take out my fire and debt balance insurance with the lender myself? And is that interesting? – Do I better opt for a fixed or variable interest rate? What does this mean exactly? – Which loan term fits best with my financial situation? – How can I maximize my tax benefit? – Do I have to have my salary deposited into a current account with the lender from now on? – …


Take a look around at Lylia Hart

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You may immediately find an answer to some of your questions. We not only give you valuable information, but also practical tips.


Make an appointment

Do you want to know more or find a concrete solution for your credit request? Then you can go to your regional Lylia Hart office . We are active throughout Belgium, so we can help you quickly. Easily make an appointment via this form . Filling in only takes two minutes. You can immediately state your question in it so that we can help you quickly. You can expect a phone call from us very soon! This way you have immediately taken the first step towards solving your Lylia Hart problem.

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